Survey of Pakistan offers diverse nature of different services

Geospatial Data Development Services

Survey of Pakistan (SoP) offers services to collect, develop and deliver geospatial data by using Total Station, GPS, Digital Photogrammetry and map digitization through employing its highly professional trained staff spread all over the country. The data is served into default GIS data format i.e. ESRI Shapefile in addition to a format specific to the client system.

Capacity Building Services

SoP also provides technical training up to diploma level in survey and mapping at Survey Training Institute (STI), Islamabad headed by a sound professional foreign qualified director. The STI organizes regular courses of long and short duration in surveying and mapping disciplines for both departmental and extra-departmental candidates.
Mapping Services

SoP provides a range of services in conventional as well as multimedia digital cartography in preparing high-quality maps for its clients. Types of maps include topographic maps, thematic maps, guide maps in any Projection and Coordinate System. SOP has also printing press with conventional and latest CMYK printing techniques.
Remote Sensing Services

SoP provides services that include image geo-referencing, classification and mosaicing. Moreover, services such as preparation of orthophotos, photo maps and up-dation of existing data with the latest remote sensing and aerial photos are also available at SOP. The department has its own aircraft and it can provide the latest aerial photographs on scales ranging from 1:5000 to 1:40,000. SOP has the capability to scan these photographs on a very high resolution to provide digital imagery products.
Site Coordinates Services

SoP supply geographical as well as projected coordinates at a nominal price according to the user needs. (Download Form)
Coordinates Conversion Services

SoP provides coordinate conversion services at a nominal price according to the user needs.
Qibla Direction Services (Free)

SoP can be approached to provide its free of cost services to set qibla direction for mosques. (Download Form)