Hiring of Professionals for Consulting services for Development of Unified Data Model for developing Cadaster Database

Survey of Pakistan,(SoP) is undertaking the Project titled “Reforming and Modernization of Cadastre of cities (Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad) and State Lands in Pakistan” under Single Stage-Two Envelop procedure from the Original manufacturers / authorized distributers / suppliers / contractors etc.,SoP is looking for a team of professionals to work with its project team, working on the development of a Unified Data Model for developing a Cadaster Database System at the National Level. Around 3 x qualified professionals will be hired for about 06-08 months.

Interested professionals having relevant experience can download bidding document, containing detailed terms and conditions, technical specifications, method of procurement, procedure for submission of bids, bid security, bid validity, opening of bid, evaluation criteria, clarification/rejection of bids, performance guarantee etc